Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stand Up

As a new parent to a baby with Down syndrome you learn fairly quickly that the world isn’t always the kindest place to raise kids. There are lots of things out there that hurt our feelings, and our children’s sense of worth.

This brings out the mama and papa bears in us and we become advocates and educators. We want the whole world to see our precious children through our loving eyes. That is why so many of us blog and make use of other social media.

And right now we are big news. We are working hard to eradicate painful insults by letting people know that it hurts and that it is unacceptable, and immature. The culture around us is rumbling with fallout from Rahm Emanuel’s highly publicized indiscretion. It is the right time to stand up and be heard.

Please head over to Oz Squad and sign the letter written to educate Sarah Palin on the best way to fight for our children. She has the speaking platform we need and we have the voices she can use.


  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I hope others will do the same. Please, everyone, come sign the letter!

  2. When my son was born the very 1st break down I had was over how mean other kids were going to be to him. He's only 16 months old and this Momma Bear had made a few people think twice before they use the word retarded as slang. Thank you for this post and I will be signing the letter!

  3. I signed the letter. Hope others do too.


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