Friday, July 6, 2012

BabyLegs Giveaway

A while back I posted about how some babies have difficulty regulating their body temperature, and how using leggings can help but today I am going to share another reason why I love leggings.

Some babies hate shoes, or at least it seems that way. No matter the style or fit, they will pull them off or bite at them trying to get them off. This isn’t really a big deal at home (unless you are in that “working on standing phase” and want your little one to have some practice in shoes) but in the car it can be annoying, or even dangerous if your baby has a strong throwing arm.

I have one daughter who is relentless with her shoes and one or both of them is off by the time we reach our destination. The only way to keep her shoes on her is to cover them with leggings. She will still work at getting them off but most of the time her efforts are foiled.

(click the pic to see Kimani's leggings)

If you are tired of digging under the car seats for the missing shoe, or just want your baby to look super stylish and be protected from UV rays this summer, check out BabyLegs and grab a few pairs of sanity savers.

(click the pic to see Autumn's leggings)

Your Turn
BabyLegs is giving away a grab bag of leggings and other goodies worth $50 to one lucky Down Syndrome New Mama reader. To enter the drawing leave a comment here letting us know that you “liked” the BabyLegs Facebook page or that you are now following BabyLegs on Twitter by July 20, 2012.