Thursday, March 28, 2013

What a New Mom Needs

When you have a baby, especially your first baby, you really need access to good information. Learning to feed your baby, obsessing over how many dirty diapers a day there are, figuring out which cry means what... we all go through it, and when we need help we have our moms, friends, books, the Internet, and a myriad of other resources. But the one thing we come fully equipped with is expectation. We know what babies look like. We have likely held a few, maybe helped out by babysitting, and we have certainly seen them everywhere.

What about when your baby is born with Down syndrome? Suddenly you realize you don’t know much about it and maybe you can’t even remember ever seeing a baby like yours. You might experience fearfulness and your previously held expectations may no longer apply. What you need is to see other babies, children, teens, adults... people with Down syndrome so that you can know right away that there is nothing to fear about your new love. The International Down Syndrome Coalition has created a video, a compilation of awesomeness that I wish every new mom could see. Get ready for dancing, swimming, four-wheeling, rockin’ out, and a whole lotta beautiful...

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