Friday, December 18, 2009

Somewhere in Kazakhstan...

There is a little girl named Jasmina who is waiting to be adopted. She is a beautiful child who has Down syndrome, and she is the only child with Ds available for adoption through Reece’s Rainbow in Kazakhstan. More than anything I would like to be able to give this child her forever family for Christmas. But I am not God or Santa and I cannot grant her wish with just my will.

I can donate to her adoption grant and I can ask all of you to consider this gift as well. If you have anything left in your charity budget this year, please give to Reece’s Rainbow on behalf of Jasmina or any of the angels that are hoping to be saved from life in an institution.

Reece’s Rainbow accepts PayPal but prefers checks to save on processing fees. If you are going to send Jasmina a Christmas gift for her fund, please make the check out to Reece’s Rainbow and put Jasmina’s name in the memo. Mail the check to: Reece’s Rainbow, PO Box 4024, Gaithersburg, MD 20885. Thank you.

May you and yours be blessed during this wonderful holiday season.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

That’s What I Like About You

Back in October I posted “The Best Part,” a few thoughts about the good stuff that comes with Down syndrome. I asked you to tell me your favorite things and what a great response you gave. It was a wonderful reminder that people with Ds are unique and fabulous in so many ways.

Things We Love
People with Ds live in the moment... they have determination and pride. And we have pride for them as we celebrate their milestones. We have the pleasure of never-ending hugs & kisses... wherever at whatever age. People with Ds express uninhibited love & joy. They have a lovely innocence about them...

“I love the innocence. The fact that my son doesn't see jealousy or envy in others, doesn't fuss when someone takes one of his toys, doesn't try to take others things - he just accepts everyone and everything at face value. I love that.”(Karen)

As parents and loved ones, we have become part of a wonderful community, we have learned through self-introspection the value of life, and have developed a great appreciation for the little things. We have learned to slow down and enjoy what is, and we have experienced personal growth... becoming advocates and cultivating an acute empathy for others...

“Having a child who is 'different' forced me to break down stereotypes and prejudices that I never knew I had. It makes me want to defend and advocate all of those in our society who are vulnerable and overlooked.” (Stephanie)

People with Ds have extraordinary physical characteristics... a chunky kissable neck, amazingly talented toes, stunningly beautiful brushfield spots in their eyes, and delicate facial features. They are sincere, caring, and non-judgemental of others. They are charitable, kind, and altruistic...

“My Favorite thing about DS is that having Ricki taught me to accept and love the positive things in everyone, and to avoid dwelling on the negative. I then applied this to my (then) teens. It was beneficial for all of us.” (Ricki’s mom)

Many babies with Ds give us the opportunity to enjoy an extended infancy, and a baby who sleeps through the night. They reward us daily with a pure, abundant, and uncomplicated love. They are easygoing...

“I love how cuddly Miss B is and how easy she is to console. When she is crying, pretty much all you have to do is pick her up and snuggle her in, and she's happy again. We've had very few of those “Is it your diaper? Are you hungry? Are you hurt? Are you sick? Is it gas? Are you hot? Are you cold? Why are you crying and why won't you stop??!!!??” moments with Miss Banana. Gotta love that too!” (Carrie)

People with Ds have the most beautiful genuine smiles that they give freely to all...and the cutest protest pouts you ever did see...

“I love Maddie's smile...she smiles with her whole body...her hugs are big, warm, and so calming...and I love how when she does not like something she lets us know with the greatest wrinkled/scrunched face...she is priceless!”(Chromosomally Enhanced)

I’ve already said that my favorite part of Ds so far is the extension of the trip through babyland but I want to also mention how much I love it that my daughter plays with her toys... really plays with them. With my typical kids, buying toys (other than Legos) was a waste of money... there was zero interest in toys geared for babies. With Summer I have the pleasure of watching her gradually figure out how each toy works and then actually playing with it over and over. toesShe has taught me that life is not about the race to success... that instead it is the joy and peace of this moment, the only moment of our lives that is guaranteed.

Oh yeah, and the toes... did I mention the toes?

Your Turn
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