Friday, December 18, 2009

Somewhere in Kazakhstan...

There is a little girl named Jasmina who is waiting to be adopted. She is a beautiful child who has Down syndrome, and she is the only child with Ds available for adoption through Reece’s Rainbow in Kazakhstan. More than anything I would like to be able to give this child her forever family for Christmas. But I am not God or Santa and I cannot grant her wish with just my will.

I can donate to her adoption grant and I can ask all of you to consider this gift as well. If you have anything left in your charity budget this year, please give to Reece’s Rainbow on behalf of Jasmina or any of the angels that are hoping to be saved from life in an institution.

Reece’s Rainbow accepts PayPal but prefers checks to save on processing fees. If you are going to send Jasmina a Christmas gift for her fund, please make the check out to Reece’s Rainbow and put Jasmina’s name in the memo. Mail the check to: Reece’s Rainbow, PO Box 4024, Gaithersburg, MD 20885. Thank you.

May you and yours be blessed during this wonderful holiday season.


  1. She is beautiful! I have to stay off that sight because I want to bring them all home and my husband said I cant:( I never thought to donate so some one else can bring them home:) Perfect!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I wrote a similar post too. My heart has been longing to adopt, but my husband wants to wait.

    I continue to pray. xox

    Windmills and Tulips

  3. Merry Christmas! We'll pray this little angel finds her forever family.

  4. I will definitely be praying for this beautiful girl.

    I have a question: How did you get your information for this beautiful girl. I have been on their site. I would love to blog once a week for a child that needs a home and wonder how do I go about getting the information.

    Thank you so much!:)


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