Sunday, October 18, 2009

He’s Hot, He’s Cold, Hot, Cold...

Young babies often have trouble regulating their body temperatures. A baby's body surface is about three times greater than an adult's, compared to the weight of his/her body. That means babies can lose heat much faster than you or I would. It also means they can overheat quickly as well.

Since babies are so susceptible to body temperature changes depending on their environments, we have the tough job of keeping them just right. Hats, blankets, mitts, and the infant seat cover are helpful when you are transitioning your baby from one place to another such as from home to the car, to the store, to the doctor’s office, and back home again.

While those basics that go on and off, or open and close swiftly are important to have, they just don’t cover everything when it comes to babies with Down syndrome. Our little ones very often get cold legs and feet even when the room temperature is an average 70 degrees. We could bundle them up but most babies do not enjoy having their lower extremities constricted by layers of stockings, socks, and shoes. I don’t blame them... I remember the itchy claustrophobic feeling you get when you wear tight panty hose and shoes all day.

What’s the solution?
Leggings. Soft knit leggings that slip on and off easily and can cover the legs as well as the entire foot or only part, leaving those prehensile toes free to play.

Not only are leggings the ideal solution for hanging around the house, but they are a godsend for babies who are doing time in the hospital or have other reasons why pants are uncomfortable.

I think leggings are so useful and snazzy that I got together with Amber from Knotty Baby Wear (who happens to think babies with Ds are awesome) to come up with a Leggings giveaway. That’s right... Amber is going to give one of you three pairs of her gorgeous leggings just because she thinks our kids rock!

How to Enter
To enter to win the leggings giveaway, visit Knotty Baby Wear and choose the three pairs of leggings you would like to win. Plan on spending some time over there because she has pages of fantastic selections to choose from. Amber's leggings fit children up to age ten, so those of you with "big babies" can enter as well! Come back here and post your choices in a comment. Ten days from today, on October 28, a random winner will be chosen. The winner will receive his or her selections compliments of Amber.

Christmas Sale
And if you’re not the winner, never fear, Amber is offering us the best sale she has ever had on her site. From now until Friday December 18th, order three pairs of leggings (regular price $8 each) for only $18 with free shipping. When you order your selections, put the sale code DS.MAMA in the comment box and Amber will adjust the pricing on her end. (Etsy doesn’t allow for discounts, so Amber has to do it this way.) So go on over and buy your favorite baby some stylin’ leggings for Christmas.

Picture Credit: That handsome boy is Jax from Jaxson's Fight.


  1. When Ella was 2 weeks old we were going to the doctor for her checkup. We lived in Texas at the time at it was 98 degrees outside. Ella was in a one piece long-sleeved with footies outfit, along with a onesie underneath. That doctor was furious with us, he said "that baby needs to have on a hat, mittens and be wrapped in a blanket." Then took her temperature to prove to us that she was cold. Hmmm, would have been nice if someone would have told us that when we took her home!!!!

    Those leggings are too cute!!!

  2. I love them. Thanks for posting. Great giveaway. xox

  3. 1. black with red hearts
    2. black grey and pink argyle
    3. white with pink argyle

    Sandra, these are my three choices. I hope it followed directions correctly. Please pick Gaby, we so desparately need them. xoxo Love you girl. Thanks for this giveaway.

  4. frog checkers
    blue and white stripes

    such cool stuff! thanks for sharing!!

  5. Black & green stripes
    Black red white argyle
    Brown plaid

    Thanks so much!

  6. Ok, my choices:

    1. White with peace signs
    2. Black with purple and gray dots
    3. Blue and grey stripes

    Thanks. This is fun.

  7. brown & gold argyle
    black & gold argyle
    solid brown

    wooo whoo!!! can't wait till oct 28!!!

  8. fruit punch stripes
    purple black grey argyle
    colorful piano keys

    this is fun! there are SO many to choose from! :-)

  9. Oh fun, you are right we could shop her website all day. Here are our picks

    cute stripes 1
    pastel & grey stripes
    grey pink & white dots

  10. I was just talking about wanting to get some of these!

    My top 3:

    red/grey/orange stripes
    white peace and love
    camo with hot pink cuff

  11. These are also great if you're trying for Elimination Communication (EC) which I've just started.

    Brown with pink dots,
    Eighties dots and
    Cute stripes (brown with pink stripes)

    Thanks so much for the contest, super cute and fun.

  12. These are awesome! Wish we would have had these for the first three girls! Maybe Aubrey will be the lucky one.
    1. Coral Snowflakes
    2. White with colorful pinstripes
    3. Black with white dots

  13. So adorable!!

    1. blue & grey argyle
    2. brown plaid
    3. blue & grey stripe

  14. Black with white hearts
    grey with peace signs
    fruit punch stripes

    So cool that they fit up to adult since my daughter with DS is a big 12 year old now!

  15. Too cute! And so much fun! I'm going to pass on the link to all my girl friends!

    1. brown w/ pink & white dots
    2. cute stripes 1
    3. grey w/ cute argyle

  16. Thank you for commenting on my blog!! Those leggings are absolutely adorable, and you've got me completely convinced to get some! :)

  17. So many cute leggings to choose from - so difficult to make a decision!
    My choices (I think):
    1) Cute Stripes 1
    2) Pastel Rainbow Stripes
    3) Pink, purple and brown argyle
    Thanks for posting!

  18. Love the blog! These would look so cute on my little girl!

    1. Pink with white hearts
    2. Winter Snowflakes
    3. Pink argyle

  19. 1.purple blossoms
    2. blue strawberry print
    3. hot pink and yellow stripes

    So cute- thanks for sharing!

  20. I love these!

    1. White w/ pastel dots
    2. Purple speckles
    3. Cute stripes 4


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