Saturday, January 28, 2012

Birth Announcement

Tim and Vicki are proud to announce the birth of their son Kannon. He will be ever so loved by his six older sisters: Kendra, Kaylee, Karisa , Kasidy, Kambry, and Keanna, and his older brother Kyle.


Vicki isn’t blogging yet, but she is thinking that maybe she might start. When she does, we’ll let you know and you can follow along on Kannon’s journey.

If you would like our community to know about the arrival of a child with Down syndrome, please send an email to ds.mama with the baby's info and an email address or blog/website address of the baby's mom or dad.

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  1. I'm so glad to see you posting again, and I love seeing the new little ones with Ds being welcomed into the world (and into our community) through these sweet birth announcements :-). Vicki and Tim & family--Congratulations! There is a huge support network out here for parents with a new Down syndrome diagnosis. I hope you'll reach out if you need anything!


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