Saturday, July 25, 2009

Only One Week Left

There is just one more week left in July... one week left to enter DSNM’s summer giveaway. Why don’t you take a minute right now to tell a wondering mom-to-be what having a child with Down syndrome is really like.


  1. just a private note

    My name is Dan, I was the one that made the post on the pray4trig web site about my 14 year old daughter with ds and my objection to Shirley for creating a web site to pray for a "cure" for Trig. First I want to thank you for defending my post, but I don't think Shirley can read past her own agenda. I would have responded but that would turn into a battle of bible verse and I would never change her mind.
    You didn't say how old your daughter is but in looking at your blog I'm guessing she is pretty new. I have been raising my two daughters as a single parent for the last 13 years so if you have any questions about challanges and joys to come let me know. My email is
    Enjoyed your blog!

  2. How nice of him to comment. That was quite a heated exchange.

  3. My daughter is only 10 months old and I know that I have a long way to go, but I am enjoying it more than I ever thought. I must admit that was scared out of my mind when I found out and almost felt like I was pregnant with an Alien sometimes, because the whole ideas seemed so foreign to me. However, once I realized that she was a beautiful baby and not "Down Syndrome" my perspective changed. Sure there are challenges, but every kid comes with challenges. When I was pregnant, I also feared that I would often be sad because she was not going to be like my other children. But this sweet little baby has often brought so much peace to my heart that I never expected. As sweet as my other babies were, that is one thing I never remember feeling with them. That's why she is special to me and not because she has DS.

  4. Hi ds.mama!!! Thank you for visiting my blog recently! I love your page! The pics I have seen are downright precious! My son was not diagnosed until he was a couple of hours old... We had no idea. We were scared out of our mind. We didn't think we could do it. We mentioned to our doctor maybe putting him up for adoption... Luckily, our doctor had known us for years, and he told us that he didn't think that we would really want to put him up for adoption.... A few hours passed, and we became ok with the notion of a child with special needs. Maybe part of it was my hormones too... My son has brought us a tremendous amount of joy, even more joy than I think a parent can experience with a "typical" child. Everything seems wonderful with him... How many people can say that with their typical 17 year old? LOL I'm glad to have my son in my life. He is my pride and joy and I wouldn't want to miss one single experience I've had with him. He has made our lives cross paths with some wonderful people! If it were not for him, we would just be living our regular daily life... He has brought some wonderful people into our world! We owe him an awful lot!!! I hope you have a great week! I hope you mark yourself as a follower on my page, I really want to get some more followers! See ya later!



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